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Fuzzy’s Taco Shop


This week flew by!  But here’s a few notable highlights…

I somehow managed to wash a brand new pack of lightbulbs.  I didn’t notice they fell into the washing machine…

I made a fast frittata dinner that consisted of items I needed to use up in the fridge.  Ham, feta, parmesan, colby jack, mushrooms…It turned out pretty tasty.  But then again, I think eggs are always tasty!

We took the dogs on a walk Saturday morning.  The weather was Amazing!  Yea for October!!!  But when we got home, I noticed that Aspen’s paws were tinted blue!

Aspen usually has the nickname “Grinch Paws” because they are so hairy.  She slips and slides all over the tile.  We have to trim them for her.  Today, she has smurf paws 😉

We must have walked through fertilizer.  I tried to wash em, but the color won’t come off.  I just hope it doesn’t harm her.

We went to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop for dinner tonight.  I love this place.  Good food.  Good prices.  Very laid back.

They are known for their tacos, which is what Ridge ordered.  But I really like their chicken nachos!

Chips on the side cuz I don’t like soggy chips.  There IS chicken under that pile of lettuce.  And feta cheese and pico de gallo.  And I was tempted by a new drink they added to the menu…

Fuzzy’s Frozen Vodka Lemonade!

Ridge drank most of it.  It was just too much for me.  It gave me a brain freeze and a chest freeze!

As for my discomfort the last few days…I woke up Thursday morning with 3 bites on my leg and 1 on my hand.  It itched like CRAZY!  The bumps kept growing as the day went on and turned into knots.  Then I woke up Friday, and the spot on the back of my leg looked like this…

At this point, I got worried.  One of the doctors I work with told me I should go see my doctor.  My doc said it was some kind of bug bite and I was just having a severe reaction.  He drained it (ouch!).  I got a cortisone shot and was told to take an antihistamine.  It looks a little better now, but still kinda gross.  I’m just glad it’s not MRSA!


Any crazy things happen to you recently?  Have you ever had MRSA?