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My hair is crying.


I got my hair did today.  I was in desperate need for a trim and some hilights/lowlights.  (My original appointment had to be rescheduled, so It’s been a ponytail week).  My hair feels so much better, although it is a little darker than I would’ve liked.  Oh well, I can always add more hilights later.  But I got some really devastating news!  My hairdresser is retiring to be at home with her son.  Yea for her!  BOOO for my hair!  It took me years to find a good, affordable hairdresser in the Dallas area.  Now I have to start the search all over again.  Yuck.

Anyways, for dinner tonight, I was jonesin’ for a chef salad.  (My version of a chef salad.)  Ridge and I stopped at Jason’s Deli over the weekend and picked up a pint of their ranch.  Something about restaurant ranch that makes it taste a million times better than store bought.  I can’t quite duplicate it at home.  I know they put gobs of fat in their dressing, but I used the fork-dip method so I think I did minimal damage in the calorie department.

Crunch. Ridge complains that I crunch too loud.  He is just now telling me this after being together 12 years.  Hmm.

I’m really glad fall is here, but I don’t want to give up super ripe summer fruit yet.  Like watermelon.  I had a big bowl for dessert.

The watermelon was not super red, but it hit the spot for my sweet tooth!  And now off to watch Glee.

Did anyone watch New Girl?