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My hair is crying.


I got my hair did today.  I was in desperate need for a trim and some hilights/lowlights.  (My original appointment had to be rescheduled, so It’s been a ponytail week).  My hair feels so much better, although it is a little darker than I would’ve liked.  Oh well, I can always add more hilights later.  But I got some really devastating news!  My hairdresser is retiring to be at home with her son.  Yea for her!  BOOO for my hair!  It took me years to find a good, affordable hairdresser in the Dallas area.  Now I have to start the search all over again.  Yuck.

Anyways, for dinner tonight, I was jonesin’ for a chef salad.  (My version of a chef salad.)  Ridge and I stopped at Jason’s Deli over the weekend and picked up a pint of their ranch.  Something about restaurant ranch that makes it taste a million times better than store bought.  I can’t quite duplicate it at home.  I know they put gobs of fat in their dressing, but I used the fork-dip method so I think I did minimal damage in the calorie department.

Crunch. Ridge complains that I crunch too loud.  He is just now telling me this after being together 12 years.  Hmm.

I’m really glad fall is here, but I don’t want to give up super ripe summer fruit yet.  Like watermelon.  I had a big bowl for dessert.

The watermelon was not super red, but it hit the spot for my sweet tooth!  And now off to watch Glee.

Did anyone watch New Girl?



Guacamole Goodness!


We are in the process of refinancing our casa.  The title company sent a notary over to our house so we could sign the papers.  It was so nice to be able to close on our house, at our house!  Good customer service.  Anything to save me from having to drive all over town and I’m happy.  Anywho, I needed to make a quick dinner.  Taco Salad!

For my dressing, I used salsa and a little Skotidakis ranch greek yogurt dip.  I like it better as a salad dressing than as a dip.

When I was at Sprouts the other day, I picked up some avocados…39 cents each!!!

Time for Guac!

I sliced one avocado into sections and tossed it in the bowl.  The other avocado I just cut in half and peeled it.  Why?  I dunno, cuz I got tired half way through making guac?

Add about a tablespoon light sour cream and a few shakes of the mexican seasoning…

Stir in a few spoonfuls salsa.  I like chunky guac.  (I do not like chunky thighs.  The MUFAs in avocados are supposed to help with the chunky thighs.)  I really prefer pico mixed in my guacamole, but I didn’t have any.  So, salsa it is!

And the finished product, Guacamole!  Ole’!

I let Ridge start chowin’ down on the guac and chips while my pita chips were baking.  I like to make my own pita chips rather than buy a bag from the store.  The ones that are pre made are always too thick.  I like em thin, just like chips.

A few of the pita chips are a little more “golden” than I would have prefered.  But I’m sure I’ll still eat them.  I’ll just have to put a double portion of guac on those chips and suffer through.  😉

By the time I swiped the guac back from Ridge, this is all that was left!  We both could eat our weight in guacamole.  But that’s ok, it was the perfect amount for me.

I Have Garlic Breath. But I Dont’ Care!


My husband hates it when I eat garlic.  It seeps out my pores for days.  I personally can’t smell it, but he can smell it when I walk in the door!  Oh well, he loves me anyways.  And he knows that if I had to choose between him and garlic, he might be out on the street.


Chicken Caesar salad with freshly grated parmesan cheese, tomatoes and broccoli slaw.  Litehouse light caesar dressing on the side.  This is one of my go-to salads.  Can’t get enough of it.

And what’s that little piece of garlicky goodness on the side?

It’s just some of the BEST garlic bread I have ever had.  I bought a small, round, wheat garlic bread from Whole Foods.  Surprisingly, not very expensive either.  Cut it into four pieces because I was trying to have a little self control.  (I easily could’ve eaten the whole 7″ diameter loaf.)  Added a little bit of Colby Jack cheese on top and into the toaster oven it went.  It was AMAZING!  I will definitely make a special trip back to Whole Foods just to get more of this garlic bread.

Celebrity Bakery Lunch


Another perfect morning to walk my puppies.  My mom said that Rizzo had on his bling.  He was ready to go.  Always waitin’ on his momma.


Later in the morning, a guy from Closets by Design came over for a free consultation.  I have already gotten a quote from California Closets to do my master closet, so I really just wanted to shop around and get some different ideas/prices.  Well, 3 hours later, I put down a deposit and picked out my closet design!  It will probably be another month before they can install it.  I will be in closet heaven!

My mom and I went to Celebrity Bakery for a late lunch.  It was a toss up between a turkey club or a cobb salad.  I went with the Cobb.

It did not disappoint.  They make their own ranch.  It is delicious.  Something is different about it, but I can’t quite figure out what they do differently.  Anyways, since I was at a bakery, you know I gotta get dessert.  They didn’t have any carrot cake!   How terrible is that?  So I let my mom pick the dessert.  She chose a slice of black and white cake.  Not really a slice, but more like a slab of cake.  It was really tasty.  But I’m an icingoholic.  The icing to cake ratio was totally off.  We ended up leaving about 1/3 of the naked cake on the plate.  I have friends that don’t like icing.  I just don’t understand how that is humanly possible…