A Perfect Friday


Today was a perfect day.  My mom came in to town last night.   I took the day off so we could hang out all day.  We walked the dogs first thing this morning.  After the walk, we did a 30 minute total body resistance workout.  Short and sweet.

After the workout, we were starving!  Anytime my mom comes to visit, she always requests Le Peep.  It’s a yummy breakfast and lunch spot that’s only open til 2.  It can be a little pricey for breakfast, but it’s a nice treat every once in a while.  There lunch menu always sounds pretty good, but I never can get past the pancakes.  I’ve had pancakes on my brain for the last couple weeks.

I love their pancakes.  Big, fluffy pancakes.  The hole in the center is where the butter mound has sunken down into oblivion.  Drenched in sugar free syrup.  (That makes up for the butter.)  I dove right into my egg dish, then realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet.  Oops.

Crisp bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, chives and cheese all folded into scrambled eggs.  So good.  And just the perfect portion.  My mom got the same thing, but she opted for the rosemary potatoes and thick wheat toast.

With full bellies, we were off to the Galleria.  I had never been to a Lululemon store before.  I’ve admired their clothing in magazines and on fitness dvds.  My friends rave about their clothes.  I just have a hard time spending so much on workout wear.  My closet is full of Nike, Adidas and Gapbody.

I decided to give one of their sports bras a try.  I’ve been looking for the perfect “no bounce” sports bra.  I tried on the Ta Ta Tamer because I had heard good reviews on it.  It seemed pretty good.  I actually bought one off of ebay a few days ago, but I haven’t received it yet.  I really liked the 50 Reps Bra and the Shape Me Bra.  They were pretty limited in my size.  I ended up getting the 50 Reps Bra.  It’s got removable cups and medium support.  I think it will be good for everything except Turbo Fire and HIIT workouts.  It was pretty comfortable in the store.  The real test will come during an actual sweat session.  Hopefully it will be well worth the money!


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  1. I have always shied away from Lululemon because of the prices, too, but have heard so many rave reviews on the blogosphere that I’m kind of tempted to visit one soon. Were you impressed with the sales-people? I’ve heard interesting things about the co.

    • Kiah, The sales reps at Lululemon were great. I had 3 different girls helping me while I was there. I was very indecisive about which sports bra to buy, and they helped me narrow down my choices. Very friendly. When you go to the dressing room, they write your name on the door and what activities you enjoy (yoga, kickboxing, running, etc…) The girls called me by my first name. I was impressed with the customer service. Hopefully I’ll be just as impressed with the clothes!

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