I heart Rosa’s Tortilla Factory


Rosa’s Tortilla Factory is one of my favorite places to eat.  I got hooked in high school.  I would eat a very nutritious lunch consisting of a bean burrito, tortillas and queso.  Anytime I would make a trip back to my hometown, I had to make a stop at Rosa’s.  Until now.  As of Friday, a Rosa’s opened less than 2 miles from my house.  Can you say dangerous?  I can feel my butt growing as I type.

It’s gonna take a lot of self control to not pull in to the parking lot every time I drive by.  They make their tortillas fresh every day.  They are so fluffy.  But they definitely do not qualify as clean eats.  Bleached white flour.  Bummer.

Oh well.  Rosa’s can be a cheat meal every once in a while.  Like tonight.  I had 2 chicken soft tacos and 2 tortillas with queso.  As long as a few bites of beans.  And I am overly stuffed.  I just don’t feel overly stuffed until I get in the car to go home.  Then it’s too late.

I could live on bean burritos!


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